About Us

Its time to play and we offer just that. My name is Jody Young and I hope you’ll take the time to read on before you cruise to the next world. We normally travel huge through Alaska, scrape our minds through Utah canyons, and strain our eyes with the distances. And the friends we’ve made are ready for more. With each year, we get more requests, inputs and ideas, that we use to offer more itineraries, more options and opportunities to play and learn in the great outdoors. And even the indoors sometimes. You have lots of choices when it comes to travel, so take your time, ask questions and feel life from both the outside in and the inside out….. I’ve been guiding since 1991, and have worked for and with some of the major adventure travel companies, and served as operations manager for one of Alaska’s first adventure travel companies. Prior to all of that, I was a cook who learned her way to become a chef at a major ski area, and I take that knowledge and experience into the outdoors, providing food that I hope will surprise and please you. I have been on my own since 2004, with my own trips to my favorite places. One of them, the Gateway to the Arctic in Alaska, I have been doing since 1993 when the Dalton Highway to Prudhoe Bay was first opened to the public. The other places I visit I have either worked for other guides or traveled there extensively myself, to see, learn, and appreciate.

If you read through the information on my Home page, you know that we are transitioning to private, custom trips. While a few of my trips are still contract trips with other companies, primarily REI Adventures, we are  making our experience and knowledge available to private groups – companies, families, groups of like-minded friends. Enjoy looking around the web site, read about the guides who most often travel with me or lead some of my trips, look at the pictures and imagine adding them to your own memories of special times in special places. We look forward to traveling with you, and seeing the look on your face when we round the next turn in the trail.