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September 2, 2012, 4:44 pm, hidamariMy husband, Toby, and I were fortunate enough to have Jody and Otto as our guides on the REI Adventures “Gateway to the Arctic” trip in August 2012. They were the perfect guides. Like everyone else’s reviews, Jody is an EXCELLENT camp cook, extremely knowledgeable and passionate about Alaska, camping, everything outdoors, and was so organized with all of the trip details. Plus she’s a wilderness EMT which was useful for me when I injured my heels while hiking. On top of it all she’s such a nice person and makes the trip so enjoyable and comfortable with her great personality and sense of humor. We hope to go on more trips with Jody in the future and give her our highest recommendation as a guide!
March 25, 2012, 10:07 am, jeanneHi Jody! I just spent an EXCELLENT week with you in Death Valley!! It was by far one of the best trips I’ve taken! The hiking and scenery were wonderful! The food was superb! Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge and humor with us this last week! Hopeing to travel with you again soon!! Jeanne (and Chuck the chicken)
August 16, 2011, 9:45 pm, anne2210bI went to northern Alaska (Fairbanks to the Arctic Ocean). Jody is a GREAT camp cook, energetic, knowledgeable, extremely well-organized, and good-humored leader!! I’m looking over her website to see what else I might do with her as guide. Anne
October 6, 2009, 12:41 pm, jlpirozziHi Jody, Checked out your website. Thanks so much for all you did on our trip. The places you brought us to were absolutely gorgeous. And the food was great to. Thanks for making us laugh :-). Janet
October 2, 2009, 4:12 pm, BekiHi Jody, It was such a pleasure to spend a week with you at (and in!) Lk. Powell. Thank you so much. I see the temperature dropped to the 60’s today, so the timing of our trip was just perfect. We caught the last great rays of sunshine on the Escalante. Thank you for pouring heart, skill, and kindness in to your trips. I’m grateful for you! Beki
July 24, 2008, 2:51 am,
andy mcsorley/exodus tour
Hi Jody A quick note of praise for your two guides, Bill and Jake. They really made the whole trip such a fantastic experience. What Bill can create in a Dutch Oven is seemingly endless. A terrific itinerary… from which I’m still recovering. Look forward to joining one of your tours in the future (the Utah experience?).
March 4, 2007, 11:01 pm, Pat & MarkWhat wonderful memories we have of our Alaska camping trip with Jody as our guide. Great fun, great food – Jody prepared a fresh salmon one evening, and I have not had such good salmon since! And that was July 1994. On this trip we applied for our marriage license in Homer, appointed Jody as our “marriage commissioner”, and three days later she married us in Seward on Resurrection Bay, with members of our tour group attending. Jody’s enthusiasm and fun sense of humor created a great experience for all. Now that I found your website, I will start planning our 15 year anniversary!
February 11, 2005, Aki TAKAKIDear Jody, Do you remember me at REI’s Escalante tour? I never forget that great 6 days. And I could not stop of thinking about Alaska where you recommended for next trip. I hope to go someday with you! I would like to make a plan for this summer. So I’m waiting new schedule on this site!!! I really hope to see you again! Big hugs, (^v^)
November 18, 2004, DeeDee Schroeder Jody ***** **** like no other woman I’ve ever met! I’d tour with her anytime!! And I have. Love and kisses. DeeDee
August 26, 2004, JLBellowsThe Gateway to the Artic Trip exceeded all my expectations! Jody’s enthusiasm is highly contagious; and her knowledge of Alaska’s geography, geology, flora, and fauna added real depth to our experience. Her leadership skills and many technical proficiencies made all the carefully selected activites proceed smoothly, with a maximum of enjoyment for all participants. Everywhere we went, Jody is known, liked, and respected, which opens a lot of doors to her groups. As for the food, we ate; we drank; we made merry; and today we surely all diet! Thank you Jody. I can’t wait for our next trip!
June 6, 2004, mmarks Jody Young is the best. She has helped us out on many occasions at Deer valley: skiing with us and being very patient and supportive, making a very special effort to take us cross country skiing, preparing the best breakfast ever to 12 or more picky people. She knows her business well. Mary
June 3, 2004, NPendic I just came back from two great trips with Jody in Utah – Canyonlands and Arches, and Escalante. I have taken many trips with different outfitters and guides, and Jody is absolutely among the best. She knows her stuff – gear, the environment, history of the area, how to find the way when there’s no clear trail, how to coach and encourage people to try new things. She’s also an excellent chef and has a great sense of humor. She easily spots things others miss – from plants and animals to relics of Anasazi tools and storage and dwelling areas. It’s obvious that she loves what she does, and loves sharing her favorite places with other people. I highly recommend any trip that she guides.
April 20, 2004, dconnor great website, jody. that 1995 camping trip was my best trip to alaska. i’m so glad i have someone i know that i can book with in the future. deb
April 10, 2004, DEvans MDI just completed my dream of a month long, 12- State hiking vacation. The highlight was the week in Death Valley NP with 13 great other people, including Jody as a co-Guide. She was always looking after the “weakest link”, which was unfortunately me one day. She is a Pro in every way, working the hottest and coldest places on the planet while still managing to entertain every type of human on the planet. One of her Alaska trips is now on my to-do list.
August 25, 2003, BHafner We meet, we had fun, we shared. Now we are friends. I’m happy to know you. Alaska will be in our hearts forever and under our feet again. Go for it, luv yah Bernie
May 15, 2003, Irene Not only is Jody an excellent guide, natural historian, chef, and storyteller, but she is also side-splittingly funny. She co-guided a recent trip I took to Utah’s Zion and Bryce Canyon and I think every one on the trip would agree she is great at what she does. Our group was made up of incredibly different people with varied backgrounds, ages, and interests, but we ALL enjoyed Jody’s leadership and it made our experience wonderful! Yahoo! We love Jody!
May 15, 2003, AYoung Jody is the greatest – she has all the skills necessary in a back country guide, she makes the trip fun, she accommodates to the guests’ idiosynchrocies (did I spell that right?), she can be humorous or serious – whichever is appropriate, her cooking is great, and she empowers each guest to enjoy their own adventure!
May 8, 2003, LAlexander Alaska 2002 AMAZING!!!! in so many unique ways. Jody’s passion for the outdoors is so eagerly shared the minute she meets the group. There is NEVER a moment of disappointment. Jody’s knowledge of the areas she visits is astounding. From her many years of experience she has learned a true respect for the places she so loves to visit and I was lucky enough to have shared in some of those places. She quietly, sometimes you can see her chuckle as someone in the group has just had an incredible experience… she did it! she showed you the way…..Jody gives folks on her trips plenty of time to enjoy their surroundings while she takes care of the “little things”. While she drives, cooks, assists in camp set-up , all the while slipping in a few jokes.. She is constantly sharing her knowledge of the area, when asked……And she is ever so quiet listening and evaluating the needs and wants of each participant….As for me –Being a avid Birder and having never been to Alaska I had a LIST!!! on our hike along the coast out of Hope… I was talking about seeing a 3 toed woodpecker,, sure enough as we came to the end of the trail not only did I see one.. Jody had taken me to a nesting area…I saw 19 more species before my trip was over,, thanks to Jody for “knowing ” the land…Whether you are hiking boating or skiing a glacier with Jody, there is a clamness, a special energy the follows you on the journey. You will see things you have never seen , you will actually feel and reflect on your experiences..Among Jody’s many skills, safety is always evident.. She has educated herself in many facets of outdoor life. From climbing, ropeing, skiing, hiking and the amazing ability to “know where we are” Jody puts her clients at ease from the start. As I said you will NEVER be disapointed. Jody’s tours will not only be one of the the most exciting outdoor adventures– EVER ….You will find new friends, a new energy and hopefully a true love and respect for the land…..Sincerely,,, Laurie
April 26, 2003, LLowery Hello Jody, Debbie and I enjoyed our trip to Zion and Bryce with you. Due to your encouragement and direction, both Debbie and I were able to ascend the 75 degree slick-rock. As soon as we have the photographs to prove our accomplishment, our friends will be in shock. Please tell your web site photographer that we enjoyed his pictures. It was great to meet you. Thanks for using instruction and encouragement to guide 2 old ladies.
April 12, 2003, VJones My trip to Alaska with Jody was a “once in a lifetime experience”. She is a skilled guide, a creative culinary adventurer and a natural hostess in the wilds. Her sense of humor, relaxed manner and extensive knowledge immediately put the group at ease and cut through the nonsense of personal discomfort in a group setting. She took the time to make sure each invididual group member was included, offering options in plans whenever possible. I was part of an all women’s group, some friends, some new acquaintances and each of us walked away from this experience feeling challenged, relaxed, fulfilled and hungry for more. The activities were varied so that everyone’s needs and tastes were satisfied, not an easy task with 8 independent women. I would love to participate in another trip with Jody, the laughs alone are well worth the price of a trip, the scenery and adventures are part of a bonus package. I am hoping to have another “once, again, in a lifetime” trip with her!

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