Welcome to Adventure Travel


Petting a gray whale

It’s a new world, do the past couple years even count? And because Adventure Travel is a highly social activity, it is one of the many things that has changed since the  pandemic began. This current version of the world really hit while we were on a great Adventure Feb 27 to Mar 13 2020, to Baja California for some whale petting and desert hiking to spectacular color pictographs. It was a great trip – and we were able to get to our homes completely healthy before all the doors started closing. Now that doors are opening again, we are looking at pictures and planning where to go next. We hope everyone reading this is safe and comfortable, and hope to see old friends and the many new ones that we haven’t yet met somewhere on a trail in the future.

Adventure Travel; the idea has been around a long time. I got into it in the early 90’s, when there were lots of great small companies with committed, experienced guides, catering to small groups deeply interested the our destinations.  It was the best way to see some of nature’s wonders, and sometimes a bit of prehistory, and maybe bits of local culture thrown in. Over the years, the whole business has grown, with it growing group sizes and tour companies becoming bigger, offering more departure dates and employing more guides, many with less experience and less committed to a deeper experience. I’ve been facing that whole growth thing for a couple years now, and have decided that the new version of doing what I love, is simply not what I love and why I got into this business. So we are going in a new – at least, ‘new’ in the current adventure travel culture – direction and and are going to cater to the people and destinations that got me, and my guides, into this to begin with. We’re going to focus on smaller groups, typically 4 to 8, and custom itineraries, for families, companies, groups of friends, who want a shared experience in wondrous locations.

We want to help YOU have a great experience, by sharing what we love. So look over where we go, and what we can do, and dream a bit… Then drop me a note, about where you’d like to go, whether its friends, family, or business, how long you can travel, and we’ll put together a trip proposal for you. The best way to travel is with experienced and knowledgeable guides, with organized itineraries to make sure the highlights of each area are covered and accommodations and transportation all arranged. We take care of the details, local travel, accommodations whether tents or rooms, food, sometimes selected local cuisine, but more often wonderful food prepared by the guides that will surprise you. And we’ll bring our knowledge and experience.

We can visit some of the last of the great wide open places in the USA, ranging from the deserts of the southwest to the Arctic Ocean, from the lowest place in North America to the highest. We’ve even expanded our territory to include the snorkeling in the US Virgin Islands and whale watching in the Gulf of California! Our specialty is local knowledge, of the people who are there now and the people who were there before, of the trails and views, of the plants and animals that call these places home.

None of our trips are extreme, but all require some fitness, we spend a lot of time walking – or sometimes paddling – to places few get to see, and enjoying lunch in spectacular settings.

Included in all of our trips is all food, lodging, and transportation during the trip. You are responsible for transportation to/from the origin and end point on each trip. Some of our trips use local lodging, chosen for its location, access to each day’s activities, and facilities. On those, all you need is your personal gear and daypack. On other trips too far from roofs and walls, we provide tents, you would need to bring your own sleeping bag. The description of each trip has a gear list so you can come prepared.

We travel in these places because we love them, and we truly enjoy sharing them with others, and to watch the surprise, pleasure, and awe in the eyes of travelers who come with us. So browse and dream, we look forward to having you travel with us.